9 reasons you need to grow food now

By JM Davis

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Do you think growing your own food is just a fad?

(Originally published June 2023, Updated Feb 12th, 2024)

If your answer is no, I apologize for the rant. You are definitely aware of global affairs. Or at least the ones that affect your stomach. Your eyes are wide open to our tainted food system and how it affects your health. You obviously want more control over your food. Plus, you want freedom.

If your answer is yes, you think gardening is a fad. There’s just one thing I need to say to you.

Have you gone mad? Don’t you see the empty shelves, increased prices, and bio-engineered crap the system wants you to eat? Okay, that’s more than one thing, but please open your eyes to reality.

Gardening and growing one’s own food has been around since man began farming. Before then, we were hunters and gatherers. Humans didn’t grow their own food before farming. But they provided food for themselves, families, and the community. I’m sure the grocery store, big agriculture, and business doesn’t mind providing food for you, but they don’t care about your well being. They only care about how much money they can make off of you and you know it.

Most likely, and I’m guessing on this, it’s not that you don’t think you should grow your own food, it’s that you don’t know how to, or don’t want to.

Here are nine reasons you need to grow food now!

  1. You know what you’re growing and putting into your body
    When you cultivate your own food, there is no doubt about what you’re eating. You had control from seed, to soil, amendments, harvesting, and storing. You know what is in your food.
  2. You’ve gained the ability for food independence.
    By growing seeds that are open-pollinated and heirloom, you can save seeds. You can also clone your plants, creating more food from the same genes and plant stock. By having control over your plants and seeds, you become dependent on yourself, not a system.
  3. Your food cost doesn’t increase at the whim of the system.
    You keep control of the costs of your food when you garden. It’s less expensive than the stores, which also gives you the ability to stock your cabinets for less money. Keeping your grocery bill down and consistent means no surprises at the check-out counter.
  4. You’ll always have food.
    Yes, you must learn about seasonal growing and plan accordingly. And there will be times when some of your garden food won’t grow. But you are in control and can replant, plant something else, and learn about different methods of gardening, to help limit low food times.
  5. Keep varieties of food alive and prospering from year to year.
    When you find the perfect fruit or vegetable of your liking, you don’t have to depend on someone else growing it for you. And you don’t have to depend on a seed company when you save seeds. This gives you the choice of what variety of everything you eat without asking permission.
  6. Eat cleaner – No GMOs or bio-engineered food or chemicals.
    No pesticide ridden food in your home. GMOs, bio-engineering, and pesticides have become the “go to” position in the global food market. By growing your own garden, you can eliminate all pesticides and genetically modified food from your food sources.
  7. Eating fresher gives you better nutrients, which creates a healthier you.
    Did you know food loses nutrients once it’s picked? Some food like broccoli loses more nutrients the further you get away from harvesting. Picking tomatoes when ripe gives you nutrient rich food immediately without waiting for it to ripen. UC Davis, has a pdf regarding nutrient value of fresh, canned, and frozen vegetables if you want more information.
  8. Helping your community grow and eat locally.
    Not everyone can grow their own food for many reasons. If you can learn to garden, your skills will directly help your community eat healthier. By growing your own garden, you can share with others in your community. This allows for a decentralized means of eating. Giving control back to individual communities and taking it away from big industry.
  9. Whoever controls your food, controls you. By growing your own food, you take the control back. You dictate your food freedom instead of giving the power to others.

Whoever controls your food controls you should be one of the biggest reasons you need to grow your own food now.

Growing your own food doesn’t mean you have to grow 100% of what you eat. Grow what you can and find others who are doing the same. Then you buy from each other or barter, creating a safer, more decentralized food system for many.

Grow Food – Eat Local – Gain Freedom

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