Episode 21: Why and how you better be locally independent

By JM Davis

Gardening, Livestock, Mindset


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Hello, I’m Janet Davis and welcome to Food Plus Freedom Podcast. Today is February 20, 2024 Episode 21:  Why and How You Better Be Locally Independent. We are going to have a chat today,on 5 reasons why, then I’ll give you 5 tips to add to what you’re already doing for independence. If you haven’t started your local independence yet. It’s time to start or don’t and just be in the same place tomorrow as you are today. That’s completely up to, but please open your eyes to what’s going on.

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Now on with the show

Podcast 21: Why and How You Better Be Locally Independent. 

In order to start with the why you need to be locally independent, I need to point out a few things that are going on in the world. I am not being political or taking a side, though they all stem from politics. I am simply pointing out the truths that either will or already are affecting your supply chain. 

These are worldwide issues and don’t think they aren’t going to affect you. If your eyes are wide open, good for you. If you’re eyes are semi-open, you see it happening, but you don’t think it’s in your neck of the woods, or it’s not that bad, then you are in denial. If you think none of this is happening. Hopefully, the truth will find you sooner than later. And no, I am not being an alarmist, just a realist. 

So what is going on why you better be locally independent? You could say we are in a political war and us mere morals are the pawns in the middle. 

1) Illegal immigration. According to worldpopulationreview.com the top five countries as of 2024 for immigration are as follows: 
United States: 52 million or 15% of the population
Germany: 16 million 18.8% of the population
Saudia Arabia: 14 million or 39% of the population
United Kingdom: 9 million or 14% of the population. 

The problem is they use resources, food supplies etc, that takes away from the legal citizens. And when it’s done illegal there isn’t a means to control the flow, so a country doesn’t get depleted. I don’t about you, but I don’t see these illegal immigrants bringing any resources with them. Has anyone seen a big box car of food arriving with them. Nope. 

2) The government is going after farmers, farmland, and farmers are standing up. Which in my opinion they should stand up because they grow the food for the majority of the people who can’t or wont, it’s their livelihood and if they don’t, it will be game over for our food sources and then what are we going to do. We need to stand up for our local farmers.

– Farmers are being pushed or paid not to farm. In the US, the government under the Conserve Reserve Program pays farms, not farm on parts of their land, for 10 to 15 years. We are already having supply issues in the US for food, what will happen if the gov gets its way and more land is put into this program? They wanted 4 million acres increase that they didn’t get last year. And guess what, this program has been around since 1985, so it isn’t anything new. In the Netherlands farmers are fighting against force appropriations aka the gov taking the farmers land. The government is trying to make them sign papers and pay them to not farm, but they can’t take the money and go farm somewhere else. They have to be done. 

– Regulations are strangling farmers in different countries and states on different regulations. In California it’s over the government not allowing adequate water for farms or the cost is getting too high. This also happened in Madrid. In the Germany, farmers are fighting over diesel subsidiaries. In Ireland, the farmers are fighting against the culling of cows, as in a forced downsizing of their herds in the name of climate. 

3) Regulations that are either volunteer, people think they are required but aren’t or actually required that make raising clean untraceable livestock more difficult. In the chicken world some places are vaccinating chickens and pushing you that you should too. Don’t worry, I am working on an entire episode and article about chickens so you can have more information. Plus, these regulations make the cost of purchasing chicks to be more expensive all the time. 

4) Laws and ordinances from cities, homeowner associations, towns etc, that may be or may not yet being enforced are on the books. And some of them aren’t even on the books. Somewhere, someone has made up the regulations or rule and just says it’s a rule when it’s not. I know that sounds funny, but that has happened many times. The government to have a regulation, but they can’t get it passed so they just say it’s a regulation so people won’t do it and don’t tell people its volunteer.

Some so-called rules go after food gardening, backyard chickens, and adding a greenhouse to your property. Some places are starting to go after homeowners under rules of what a front yard is supposed to look like and what type of plants can be planted. People have been sited in almost every state for growing their own food for whatever the reason the ordinance has been interpreted as. Some have been slapped with a fine, given a warning, or asked to jump through hoops to grow the food that was legal. All to persuade people to not grow food. If they make it difficult for you they figure you’re just not going to do it.

If you live in the country you probably don’t have the above issues, but the USDA has now deemed anyone with 1 chicken as agriculture could be a door for them to try and control what you’re doing too. 

5) If you like Trump or not isn’t the issues. It’s what the government and legacy media is doing to him that affects every person in America. As of yesterday, with the persecution of President Trump, truckers are refusing to make deliveries to NYC. Plus, large corporations and investors have said they aren’t going to invest in the state. And some are vowing to leave. If you don’t live in NYC or the state, then you may think eh this won’t affect you. But you’d be wrong because it could happen anywhere. And as the economy collapses in NY, people will either be displaced, move to other areas on their own, or have to be more self sufficient. 

And yes, there is much more. 
So what do you do, besides everything you can? 

Here are five solutions to these issues, plus a little more.

1) Get into the reality of your life while being aware of the world. Focus on where you need to go to be more independent. Learn to grow, learn to stock from local sources. Learn to find your resources in your area. 

You cannot stop the illegal immigration into your country. You can buy things made locally so you are keeping your money in your community. You can’t stop the legacy media from giving you one side of the stories. If you haven’t noticed, they are all parroting each other. You can turn off the news and the TV for that matter. You can find alternative forms of media to find out more and decide on your own. I wouldn’t suggest shutting yourself out because you want to know of the world but not be of the world. You know it’s crazy when Amish acquaintances ask you to look specific information up on your smart phone when you’re shopping in their stores, but it’s starting to happen.

I started a game several years ago, that each time I got really ticked at political crap I planted something, raised more livestock, or helped someone else do the same. The best form of revenge is always success. 

2) If you don’t live in the country, find out what ordinances, rules, regulations, codes etc affect where you live. Ask for the code or the law so you can look it up yourself to find out if it is voluntary, enforceable, and all the regulations that go with the rules. 

If you live in a homeowners association and find out if it is an enforceable homeowners’ association. Not just someone down the road that doesn’t like what you’re doing. We found out one of the homeowners’ association we lived in years and years ago that anything that had been broken and not reported for over a year was no longer a rule. The code enforcer wasn’t going to tell us that but we had it in writing. Make sure you know the rules that are holding you back or say breaking rules because we aren’t out there trying to break rules. We are out there to grow food. But there might be these obstacles we need to go around. Because sometimes it’s because someone has interpreted or determined what they want that rule to mean and it causes trouble. 

Other places residents have had to get legal counsel, and you have to go to the town board. Find out the rules so you know what you’re dealing with and hit it head on. They want you to stop so don’t stop. And get more people in the area to go with you. The more people that get together to fight it so you can be independent, the more independent you can be. 

And remember, if no one knows what you’re doing they can’t complain. You can grow a lot of rabbits or quail in a garage, or shed. You can grow tons of a low tunnel in a fenced yards. You can grow much food between flowers and shrubs and inside.

And you can buy from your local farmer, homesteader or neighbor that’s doing the same thing

3) Regulations that aren’t regulations for growing your own livestock. Hmm, that’s a mouthful. When I talk about clean livestock, I am talking about livestock that doesn’t have vaccinations, antibiotics, genetically modified food and can live like nature intended. I am also talking about the freedom to grow your own livestock without being tracked. Why not being tracked or traced, because no one needs to know what your raising to regulate you. If you are growing food for yourself and a few close friends, that should be your business. 

Know what the real rules and not voluntary rules are for each species you raise, harvest and butcher. For instance, in the United States Goats and Sheep Scrapie program, it used to be a volunteer program. It is now required, but there are loopholes. The USDA wants you to use an RFID implant but will still allow the visual tags. Much changed in 2019. Go find the rules and see what you need to do and where the excepts are. You’re growing food for yourself. You’re not selling through livestock places and if you are 

There are groups pushing vaccinations for your chickens, stay away from breeders that want you to vaccinate for anything for your chickens. Check out what each vaccine is for and decide if it is a good idea for you. And do some research. When was the last time a local chicken had that disease? Probably never. Buy from local hatcheries or friends. No animal in my book needs medicated feed, just in case. That would be like you taking an antibiotic all the time, just in case. It’s much better to let your livestock be stronger, and natural culling through the strength of the animal. Culling is when you get rid of weaker animals or traits you don’t want on your homestead. 

4) As more and more farmers are being affected by regulations, government costs, being pushed out and them needing to push back, the less food they will grow. This is part of the design. If they are fighting for your right and their, they can’t be in the field. 

If you choose to purchase from regular grocery stores, buy from companies that are not involved in the chaos of the demise of the farmer. If you’re against the fake meat agenda, don’t buy from companies that are pushing it, or buying into it. Buy food that’s at your local store from local farmers. Or as close to local as you can. 

And of course buy from farmers’ markets, get involved in CSAs (community supportive agriculture), community gardens, and grow your own. The closer your food and food for your animals the more independent you are. We look at anyplace we can drive to pick up seeds etc. and be home within 2 to 2.5 hours. And always buy organically grown for you and your livestock. No gmo, no pesticides and you’ll be healthier, your land will be healthier.  

5) As I’ve said, you have no control over the world going mad. You can get involved politically if you choose, but we are here to talk about freedom and food. One huge way to be locally independent is to create a community or group of like-minded people and start working together. 

We tend to want to be isolated, mainly because the world has gone mad, but you need a community. Unfortunately, this may also mean leaving good friends and family members in the dark about what you’re doing if they are not like-minded. 

This means talking to people and going with your gut. Help others grow gardens, livestock, fish, hunt etc. Help each other learn skills. And lend your skills to others, too. You can do with volunteer, actual one for one barter, or just do it. Just make sure you make sure your family is taken care of first. Why? Because if you help everyone else and not yourself, your worse off and can’t help anyone else. 

It’s like on the airplane when the flight attendant tells you about the emergency procedure. If you’re flying with minors or someone that needs assistance, please place your mask on first, make the other person promise they will behave, then help them too. It’s the same situation. 

Remember, homesteading is a peace of mind, not a piece of land, and anyone can do it.

Thank you for listening to this is Janet Davis from Food Plus Freedom. 
Now Hang tight for the tip of the day.

Do you ever have hard cookies in the cookie jar to find out the cookies were hard? I know that’s hard to believe. Cookies not gone in hours or days. Well, it happens. 

Here’s an easy fix for cookies that should be soft that have gone hard. Put a piece of non-stale bread into the cookie jar and close it. The moisture from the bread will go into the cookies. Eventually the bread become stale and you’ll need to switch it out for another piece of read. This works with homemade bread and cookies too. It doesn’t work with burnt cookies, though. Yes, I’ve tried that. 

Now you know!

Grow Food – Buy Local – Gain Freedom

Until Next time.  

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