By JM Davis

We’ve Gone Chicken Crazy

Some can say we are crazy and others say chicken crazy. Either way, the shoe fits and you benefit from it.

  • We’ve kicked off our February Chicken Month. Yes, we will have other information besides chickens, but we’ve started our 2024 Chicken Project. You can find our updates and goals as they happen on our website.
  • Weekly, we are moving and updating as many articles as we can from the previous site.
  • Our podcast should be available on all podcast platforms. If it is not, please let us know, so we can get it corrected. You can always listen to us on or on our website.

Some fun chicken facts for you.

  • Did you know chickens don’t have a sense of smell? That’s why it’s easy to feed them anything you want.
  • Talking about feed, if chickens have no sense of smell, but do have a sense of texture. Don’t be surprised if your chickens will prefer one type of feed over another that’s grain or natural pecking.
  • If your egg layers aren’t laying as much as you like, try adding some hot peppers to their feed or areas they scratch.
  • Roosters not only breed your hens, they also protect them from predators. Some breeds are better alarms than others. But all good Roosters become territorial over their hens and watch out for their wellbeing. This doesn’t mean you should have a mean rooster, especially towards the humans.
  • A rooster can fertilize a hen for 10 days and sometimes longer. This is a helpful time frame to know if you’re using different roosters for breeding.

This Week’s Podcasts

Episode 18: Layer Chickens

  • We will talk about the purpose of chickens on your homestead.
  • How to pick a breed.
  • Feeding and more.

Episode 19: Meat Chickens Myths, Facts, and Reality​

  • 7 issues where we talk about the myths, facts, and reality.


We’ve been updating several articles or more a week. Please check out our website for all articles. These are the most current three.


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Janet Davis

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