By JM Davis

Happy New Year & Let’s Get Gardening.

This time of year I get lots of questions and have lots of conversations about gardening. The same two questions seem to always come up. Before you move on to the podcast and article section, let’s look at these two questions that every gardener ponders.

1) What should I grow in my garden? 2) How much should I grow?

In order to answer these two questions, we need to ask and answer a few more questions.

  • Will you eat it or who will eat what you want to grow? If you live alone, this is pretty easy to answer. If no one eats it, DON’T grow it. How many people in the family eat the particular food will be an enormous factor on if there is room in the garden to grow it. Remember, every inch of your garden space is prime real estate.
  • I suggest you grow the highest nutrient dense food that you like. Then the highest nutrient dense food you also like to store.
  • Stocking. Will you stock the food? How will you stock the food? And will you like the food in the means it was stocked? Yes, this is a huge question. There are some foods you will love raw, love cooked, but not love stored. If you’re not sure about your storage method and liking your food later, you need to experiment now. Before you grow a boat load, store it, and hate it. I know this means buying food from a store in some areas this time of year, because nothing fresh is available. Choose your method of storing, such as canning, freezing, freeze drying, dehydrating, or fermenting. Then process it and try it out.
  • Do you need whatever you want to grow? There’s a fine line between needing and wanting sometimes. And sometimes it’s just fun to grow fresh food in the garden to try.

Once you deem, yes, you’re going to grow a specific food, it’s time to figure out how much and where.

If you want perennial plants such as berries, fruit, nut trees and some herbs, find a place for them and plant. Perennials sometimes take a season or more until they give you optimum food.

Perennials live through a season of growing and a season of waiting. There may be specific techniques you should do in the off season to protect your perennial. For instance, we cover our strawberries with straw in winter.

Keep track of how much you grow each year and decide if you need to grow more or less. If you want that food for eating and storer or just eating.

You really can’t plant too much. Well, you can, but then you can also share with others.

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January 16th, 2024 Episode 13, Dump Your New Year Resolutions for seasonal or situational adjustments.

  • We talk about improving your homestead mindset and activity by making adjustments throughout the year.
  • You’ll get 6 ideas from the homestead and the homestead mindset.
  • Plus, the tip of the day is about making better homemade bread.

January 19, 2024 Episode 14, Read your product label: It might have changed and you don’t know it.

  • We talk about food labels and how they’ve changed.
  • You’ll gain insite into 5 ingredients to be aware of in order to avoid.
  • Plus, the tip of the day is how to store bulk cheese.

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Janet Davis

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