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What’s Your Power Outage IQ? Even if you don’t lose power?

Are you being affected by power outages?

If not, be grateful,and still be prepared. Why? Because someone else’s power outage could mean you have extra people at your house. Or you’re bring supplies to others.

If your power never goes out, make sure you still know the effects on your home if it didn’t have power. Stock extra blankets, food, and water so your house can become a safe haven for others as well. Talk to your friends and family members. Maybe your house could be the haven for your friends and family until their power is restored. Or the families have things set up to stay at home during a power outage.

Remember, people’s safety first. Know where everyone in your family is physically located. Warmth or cool,depending on your weather, safety. Food safety. Water safety. Check on the elderly and others you know will need help. Check on those you know always loose there power.

The best way to be helpful is to stay calm and be prepared.

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​January 15th, 2024 Episode 15, Your Power Outage IQ​

  • We’ll do a walkthrough of your house to learn how to be prepare during a power outage.
  • Supplies you may need.
  • How to practice.
  • How to be safe.

Episode 16: January Q’s and A’s.

  • Top 6 questions we get about homesteading either from a mindset or a do perspective.
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