True Powdered or Confectioners’ Sugar Recipe

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Written By J.M. Davis

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5 Reasons You’ll Never Buy Powdered or Confectioners’ Sugar Again!

If you’re a label reader, like to save money or like storing food you’ll love this recipe. Making powdered sugar is easy and cheaper than buying it in the stores. Plus, when you make it yourself you control the ingredients.

Five reasons you should make your own powdered sugar.

  1. It’s more cost effective to create your own powdered sugar than buying it at the stores.
    As of May 2022 our store brand of powdered sugar for 32 ounces is $2.19. Regular white sugar is 4 pounds for $2.29. Buying sugar in bulk is even less expensive.
  2. You’ll never run out of powdered sugar again
    It’s a pain in the rear to run to the store because you don’t have enough powdered sugar for your recipe. Instead of making the extra trip or not making the recipe at all, you now have an alternative. Make your own.
  3. Simplify your pantry by only buying sugar.
    If you like to stock your pantry you want it to be simple. Simple to store, simple to find and simple to use. When you make your own powdered sugar you only need to purchase one type of sugar.
  4. Gain control over the type of powdered sugar you make.
    By making your own confectioners’ sugar you decide what type of sugar you’ll use. You can make powdered sugar from white or raw sugar. You can start with organic cane sugar if you prefer. Whatever you choose to start with is the same ingredients you end up with.
  5. You get pure powdered sugar without added ingredients.
    Most confectioners’ sugar contains cornstarch. Most recipes to make powdered sugar has added corn starch. Cornstarch is added as an anti-caking agent. This to make it look good in the bag and not get clumpy. When you make your own powdered sugar you can make as much or little as you want. If you do store powdered sugar and it gets clumpy, just break it apart.

Recipe: Powdered or Confectioners’ Sugar without added cornstarch

Recipe makes 1 cup of powdered sugar in about 10 seconds.

Equipment Needed

  • Regular sugar or Raw Sugar or Organic Sugar
  • Blender or Grinder (You can use a clean coffee or herb grinder).
    Make sure your device has a cover so you don’t breathe in the dust from the sugar grinding.
  • Measuring cup

Before starting make sure all equipment is washed and completely dried.

  • In blender or grinder add 1 cup of sugar.
  • Cover the top so no sugar cloud escapes.
  • Blend at a medium to high speed until the sugar powders. It will take a few extra seconds for raw sugar.
  • Let the powdered sugar cloud settle for a few seconds then use per directions in your recipe.
  • If storing keep it in a dry area to minimize clumping.
  • If the powdered sugar clumps over time, mix it with a fork.


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