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Freeze Drying Raw Whole Milk

Tray of freeze dried milk and 2 quarts.

Freeze Drying Raw Whole Milk We’ve had our 4Patriots home freeze dryer for less than 24 hours and I just wanted to get started! I read through the manual and even followed the instructions. I made sure the machine was level, which is an interesting situation in a house where nothing is level or square. … Read more

Our 4Patriots Home Freeze Dryer Arrived

4Patriots Freeze Dryer

Our 4Patriots Home Freeze Dryer Arrived! This is our honest experience from ordering our 4Patriots Home Freeze Dryer to delivery and set up. We are currently not an affiliate of 4Patriots . Ordering our 4Patriots Home Freeze Dryer You can either order the freeze dryer from their website at, call them, or order through … Read more

Simple Peanut Butter Cookies – No Flour

Peanu tbutter Cookie Recipe No flour

Simple Peanut Butter Cookies: Pop in Your Mouth Good. Four simple ingredients make these delicious pop in your mouth Peanut Butter Cookies come to life. No flour and no flour substitute. I use only organic peanut butter, so I don’t need to worry about genetically modified (GMO) or genetically engineered ingredients, pesticides and other added … Read more

8 ways to Stock Food and Save Money

Cans and jars of food

Do you want fresh and organic food for your family, but think it’s impossible on your budget? Then it’s time you learn different ways and places to stock up on your organic and natural food. And you don’t need to grow anything. Sure, if you grow some of your food your groceries will be even … Read more

Cattle Herd Terminology

Cattle Herd Terminology

Cattle herd terminology: who knew it was a different language. When raising cattle, you’ll hear different cattle herd terminology along the way. Some terminology comes from the industry, while other terminology is handed down from generation to generation. The following list of cattle terminology are some I’ve learned and confused along the way. If you’ve … Read more

5 Reasons to Stop Buying Powdered Sugar! Easy Recipe.

Powder Sugar in a Bowl

Never buy powder sugar or confectioners’ sugar again. If you’re a label reader, want to save money, or like storing food you’ll love this information and recipe about powdered or confectioners’ sugar. Making powdered sugar is easy and cheaper than buying it in the stores. Plus, when you make it yourself you control the ingredients. … Read more