Lemon in water. Are You Ready to Eat Clean Food, For a Healthy Life?

By JM Davis



Six simple steps to go from toxic living to clean, healthy living.

We all know exercising and eating right creates a healthier you. In the past, maintaining a healthy lifestyle was as easy as eating fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, and staying active. Food manufacturers, government regulations, and marketing have made this more complicated and less healthy.

Government, big business, and big agriculture created buzz-words such as organic, industrial, clean living, eco-friendly, non-GMO and so many more. They created these words through marketing in order to make you feel safer and entice you to purchase their products. In truth, companies wanted you to see their buzz words and buy without reading ingredients or knowing anything about their company. After all, we’ve been trained to trust packaging, government, business, and agriculture.

We’ve all found ourselves caught up in the merry-go-round of food. Questioning labels, ingredients, and company integrity, while balancing our nutritional needs and food costs. Labels and commercials tell us how great food is for us. The natural world points out the evilness of how our food is being grown. And we are caught up in the “he said, she said” situation without knowing what’s real, what’s a scam, and what’s healthy and clean to eat.

It’s time to dump the chaos, learn the truth, and be true to yourself, for your health, your family’s health, and a better life.

What products do you want in your healthy environment?

If “uhh, healthy ones,” or something similar is your answer, you need to get a little more specific. You need to think of ingredients, how things are grown, packaging, where your food is grown, and so much more.

Let’s try a different approach to this question. Sometimes it’s much easier to know what you don’t want, rather than what you want.

Lucky for you, once you make a few decisions about what you want or don’t want in your home, there are tons of apps available to help you choose food, products, and companies to purchase from. All based upon the choices you’ve made.

What don’t you want in your home, on your skin, or in your body?

Six easy steps to get you from where you are to where you aspire to be.
  • Step One: Get out your paper and pencils or get out your favorite app on your device. Yes, you need to take notes. Keep your list handy, it will change quicker than you think.
  • Step Two: Write everything down you want to exclude from your food. Items such as dyes, artificial preservatives, GMO (genetically modified), bio-engineered, etc. My favorite is, anything I can’t pronounce. If I can’t pronounce it, I have to look it up. Most times, the word is a chemical compound. A chemical compound? What’s that doing in my food? Exactly. Include buzzwords you know or hear. Identify and investigate unfamiliar terms for usefulness.
  • Step Three: Write everything you want to include or add to your food. Such as organically grown, pesticide free, vegetables, whole foods, etc. Include buzzwords you know or hear. Identify and investigate unfamiliar terms for usefulness.
  • Step Four: Look at your cleaning arsenal.
    Write anything down you don’t want in your cleaning or laundry products. Research alternatives for a safer, cleaner, healthier household.
  • Step Five: Look at everyday living items such as cotton balls, Q-Tips, towels, clothes, animal feed, etc. How many everyday living items can you switch from toxic to clean?
  • Step Six: Look at projects you’re doing inside and outside. Are you painting? Look for the least toxic paint on the market. Are you creating a container garden? Buy containers made from natural material such as wood and terracotta. And buy organic soil, amendments, and seeds or starters.

Evaluate and Get Moving to a Healthier You.

When you’re finished with your lists, evaluate how the changes will affect your budget, lifestyle, and household?

Decide how you’re going to switch your home from toxic to clean and healthy. Do you plan on executing a clean sweep of toxic items? Meaning you’ll throw everything out at once, then buy what you need.

This is the quickest, yet most expensive, way to make a quick change.

Or will you do a gradual switchover to your new mindset for clean living? When you shop, replace unwanted items with the desired ones.

What are your top reasons for change?
Remember, living a non-toxic life is healthy for both yourself and your family. It’s a lifestyle you create for yourself, just like the lifestyle you already have. It’s a choice, and the decision is yours.

If you’re concerned about the cost of switching away from toxic products, don’t be. Think of it this way, if you choose to save money now on toxic products. You’ll pay for it later in your health and well-being. Make wise choices and you will gain a cleaner, healthier life today.

Grow Food- Buy Local – Gain Freedom

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