4Patriots Freeze Dryer

By JM Davis

Freeze Drying


Our 4Patriots Home Freeze Dryer Arrived!

This is our honest experience from ordering our 4Patriots Home Freeze Dryer to delivery and set up. We are currently not an affiliate of 4Patriots .

Ordering our 4Patriots Home Freeze Dryer

You can either order the freeze dryer from their website at https://4patriots.com/, call them, or order through their website with the assistance of support through chat. Prior to the Freeze Dryer purchase we’ve always just ordered through the website without any assistance, without any issues.

When we ordered the freeze dryer we had a coupon code that didn’t work, so we ordered through the website with the assistance of the support chat people. Chat made it easy to have the coupon code and payment go through.

We had some issues with our payment. No fault of 4Patriots.

We discovered because of the amount of the freeze dryer we had to increase the amount our bank would allow us to spend in one day with our debit card. We called the bank and found out it was the same issue if we used our debit or credit card. We had to request that the bank raised our limit to cover the freeze dryer. They put a 24 hour period for us to purchase the freeze dryer before our higher limit expired.

Once the banking issues were taken care of the support person assisted with my order. I opted to go through the website to order, and not have the support person put in the order for me. If I was going to order this again, I would let support put the order in for me or called the number directly, because I believe it would have been easier.

We ordered our machine on May 24, 2023.

Within minutes I received an email confirmation and a separate email with the cookbook and reasons to freeze dry.

Freeze Dryer Delivery

On June 6th, 2023 our freeze dryer was delivered by a small company that delivered to our area. We could see from the delivery information from 4Patriots that it was about 2 hours away from us for almost a week before we heard from the shipping company. Then they couldn’t get it to us until the following week.

Being that we live in a small town I wasn’t surprised. However, it was a little frustrating seeing the machine in the closest city to us and not having it. I wanted to call them and say I’d pick it up in my truck, but knew it was best for the shipping company to bring it to us and set it up. Why? Because if the machine didn’t work and we transported it, we didn’t want to be responsible for anyone saying we did something to destroy it.

Freeze Dryer Set Up

Freeze Dryer tag Box

The delivery people asked where I wanted the freeze dryer to be place. First came in a box which contained the stand, extra bucket, vacuum sealer, and hose for the machine.

On the label it read:
Please examine the following before accepting the shipment.
Product delivered to your room of choice
– Product entirely unboxed by driver
– Appliance set on cart by driver
– Inspect product for damage
– Driver must remove all packaging debris

If theses steps are not taken or there is damage, refuse the shipment. Take photos of all damage before the product leaves.

The drivers brought in the freeze dryer without the box. Apparently the box was coming apart. I didn’t see the box or what kind of damage there was to it if any. I showed the two delivery people the note on the box and they said they do take the debris away and would put the freeze dryer on the stand for me. They checked the box in the truck for any booklets that may have fallen and waited for me to make sure I had everything I was suppose to have.

I used the guide inside the book for what I should have with the order. A stand, hose was attached, vacuum sealer, collapsible bucket, 4 trays, 4 tray liners, instruction booklet, and a coupon for $25 off my next order. I checked for dings and that the door shut properly. It wasn’t like I could start the machine.

The only thing that was missing was the $25 coupon code, which I contact 4Patriots about and will write another post later this week.

The delivery people were courteous, patient,and helpful. Great customer service.

I didn’t have to sign for the delivery, which seemed a bit odd to me. Here I was receiving a very expensive item with no proof that I actually received it.

Overall opinion of ordering and receiving my freeze dryer.

4Patriots made it easy to purchase and track.

Delivery was great even though I had to wait for one delivery company to transport it to another one. Delivery service has great customer service.

I would have liked to have signed for the product. Everything was delivered fine, but what would have happened if they had the wrong address? How would I prove to the company I never received the freeze dryer?

So far so good. I had the new freeze dryer in place and was ready to read the instructions and start freeze drying.

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